Ethan Lindenberger is an eighteen year old High school senior from Norwalk, Ohio. He has been volunteering at his local church for nearly seven years and has been an intern for two. His book “10,000 words of silence” is due to release on Amazon on march 23rd .

Ethan has stood up for science and truth in defending the importance of vaccines despite controversies surrounding such a claim. He appeared before the committee of health, education, labor, and pensions as a witness on March 5th, 2019. Ethan is also a member of Unity Consortium, an organization aiming to improve adolescent health through a focus on prevention and immunization.

Ethan has appeared in the Washington post, on NPR, CNN, Good Morning America, NBC, BBC, Time magazine, and the PBS. His op-ed for USA today was also one of the top opinion pieces for their website. Ethan also spoke at TEDxMidAtlantic, and is speaking at multiple future events.